Why Beatclub?

We are a 6 piece band who have been playing constantly together for over 10 years with the exact same line up. No stand in’s! Not to go into the vagaries of the business but let’s just say there are a lot of bands out there who regularly play weddings with strangers in their midst. Beatclub have been playing this music together since our teens.

Our aim is to reproduce songs we love whilst maintaining the essence and vitality of the originals. This is achieved using strictly natural methods only! Ingredients include 3 lead vocalists, 2 backing vocals, drums, bass, keyboards and a hard working brass section covering trumpet, sax, flute and percussion. All the bases are covered, so you get a feast of sounds and styles throughout the set from The Ronnettes to Depeche Mode. We are meticulous about arranging songs in the most authentic and faithful way possible. (Remember- we're fans too!)

We specialise in getting ALL age groups dancing together. Our set is a vast range of eclectic, classic, timeless, A-sides designed to keep the dance floor busy with people of all ages, all night. Songs that are well known to all but rarely, if ever heard, at weddings and this adds hugely to the excitement and uniqueness of the entertainment you’ll be providing for your guests. It’s a difficult line to tread but after years of entertaining crowds we've come up with the formula! When you see aunties, uncles and your friends dancing to the same cool songs - that’s the key to a fantastic party.

We know how important your event is to you and choosing a band is not something you’ve had to do before or may ever do again. Beatclub approach every event we play with equal respect and the same desire to do the best performance we can - absolutely no going though the motions. We’ve been a full time professional band for well over a decade playing in literally every kind of venue, big and small, not only in this country but all over the world. We’ve played at literally thousands of weddings and parties so our experience is vast and we’ll bring that priceless experience to your special event.

Finally, all of this is delivered to you via a state of the art PA system. The importance of a good PA system is greatly overlooked but ours is the best in the business. When people complain about bands being "too loud" they are frequently hearing sound that is actually distorted, played through substandard PA’s. Our PA produces a punch and a clarity that has literally zero distortion and does all our hard work justice. Without getting technical you get the atmosphere and the excitement without the headache. You'll have theatre quality sound at your event - your guests deserve no less.

Brendan Tallon
vocals, acoustic & electric guitars

Karl McDermott
vocals, bass guitar

Fintan Jones
saxophone, electric & acoustic guitar, flute, backing vocals, percussion

Shane Rafferty
drums, percussion

Ray Martin
trumpet, percussion, backing vocals

Duncan Maitland
vocals, keyboards, piano